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Hi, I'm Fanis, a Web Developer and Multimedia designer. I am the guy who brings elegant, pixel-perfect and user-centered designs to life - with code of course!

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BFPAF 2020

Website design and development for Home For Cooperation's festival - Buffer Fringe 2020. This website was built using WordPress with a custom theme.

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Todo App

Todo app development as a practice project. The app was built using React (CRA) for the front end, Redux for state managment and Firebase Cloud Functions for the backend.

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Life is too short for poor code and bad beer. Never compromise on those two.

Nothing more exciting than a smart idea coming to production. Solving problems is what we do. Solving them smart is what I do.

As time goes by, I realize more the purpose I have on this planet - maybe not only on this one.. - write clean and quality code. Turning your hobby into a career is the only and best advice I can give you.

Thoughts on design, development and hustling.

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