29 Jun 2020

Volunteer work for Roberts Dog Sanctuary

That feeling you get when you see the gratitude in their eyes - that is all you need to keep going. Being a volunteer is one of the greatest and most important characteristics in a person. Helping others, and especially animals - that are helpless - is a big accomplishment and takes courage. During my 3rd year at the university, I had the honor to be part of a group project on creating a website for a shelter called Roberts Dog Sanctuary. The course we were having was Web Development I and the teacher assigned us different real world projects with real clients. We had the good luck to be assigned to a dog shelter. We met with the director of the shelter, Dagmar, a really nice lady - and most importantly an animal lover - to discuss their needs and requirements for the website. She told us that the shelter is mostly re-homing dogs abroad, thus their major issue was to find a way to simplify the process of adoption. They wanted to have all the dogs on the website so people could easily see the available dogs. Moreover, when a person would like to request or adopt a dog, they should have been able to fill out a form and submit it through the website. Having that in mind, along with other minor requirements, our team started working on it. We began with analyzing the requirements and brainstorming the ideas. Thereafter, we proceeded with the design. Unfortunately, during that semester, we only created a prototype of the website to be continued on the next semester. January 2020. This semester we were going to build a fully functional website based on the prototype we created the previous semester. We were all too excited for this project. As time went by, we put together a really nice website and at the end of the semester we delivered a fully functional website. Dagmar and the volunteers at the shelter were very happy and grateful for this work, so they wanted us to migrate the website to a new host - their own hosting provider - and make it live. Here we are now, in the process of migrating to a new host and preparing the website to go live! We are very happy and grateful to be given such opportunity and we hope all our little friends (dogs) find their forever home! If you are interested in adopting a dog, feel free to contact the shelter on social media or on the new website which is coming soon! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adoptadogcyprus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertsdogsanctuary/ Stay tuned, stay positive and stay safe!

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